Intensive instruction with a practitioner perspective, introduces SF in the context of  investment and asset management and business decision-making . Explores the intellectual, ethical, economic and  analytical basis for this rapidly evolving discipline. Understand the legal, regulatory and technological drivers of SF and its potential to transform business to meet global economic and development challenges.

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Eleventh Crow Wing

Sustainability Risk Management 

sustainability risk Management, Sustainable finance,  esg integration:  

  • Sustainability Risk Management and Assessment | Fixed Income
  • Master Class and Keynote Address on Sustainable Finance
  • Risk and Control Self Assessment
  • Internal and External Stakeholder Engagement
  • Human Rights and Millennium Development Goals Performance Assessment​
  • Proxy Voting on the Basis of  Environment, Social & Governance (E-S-G) Risk Factors
  • Enhanced Due Diligence on E-S-G Risk Factors, Across Industries and Sectors
  • Environmental and Social Performance Assessment